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Dress Code Information!

Please take a moment to review some of the examples of our school dress code information. Dress code is strictly enforced starting the first day of school. 
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Shorts can now be worn on CUSD campuses year-round

On January 15, 2014, the Clovis Unified Governing Board accepted the recommendation of student members of the Inter School Council and the administration to end its seasonal restriction on the wearing of shorts by students. Members of the Board, in approving this recommendation, affirmed their continued support for the safety and behavior standards set by the District’s dress code; while agreeing that the area’s mild temperatures and the existing provision for allowing shorts during portions of the school year made this slight revision sensible. All other elements of the District’s dress code remain the same. With the Board’s decision, shorts will be allowed beginning January 21, 2014. Please view Lincoln’s website or contact one of Lincoln’s administrators for clarification or additional information.